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Welcome to Tarrick Brown Art & Designs, home of the locally-acclaimed photorealism artist, Tarrick C. Brown. 

“I want to touch people’s lives with my creativity.”

- Tarrick C. Brown

Welcome to TBAD

Hi, I'm Tarrick

Art has always been my passion, and the joy that it gives me is one that I have always wanted to share with those around me. My specialty is photo-realistic portraiture, using usually no more than charcoal, graphite, and paper, and I’ve always been humbled by the fact that tools so simple, along with the gift that I have been given, can work together to create value and provide so much meaning to so many people.

When it comes to my art, the final result is just as important as the process required to achieve it. That’s why I provide my clients with updates as their commissioned artwork progresses, so they always feel involved, and so they can feel as proud as I do with the finished work, knowing that they had a hand in it.

As you browse through my site, I hope that you learn more about me, witness my growth as an artist over the years, and most of all, that you see my heart and my passion for others.


Latest Work

Browse the gallery below to see some of Tarrick’s most recently commisioned artwork.

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The TBAD Collection

Tarrick has recently expanded his brand to bring you The TBAD Collection, which features t-shirts, mugs, bags, and other branded merchandise for the fans, family, and friends that want to show their support in a special way!