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tarrick c. brown

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Meet The Artist

Tarrick Brown is an experienced artist who specializes in life drawing and photo-realistic portraiture, and also has an extensive background in oil painting.

Tarrick's Story

How It All Began

A native of Jacksonville, FL, where works and resides, Tarrick’s true-to-life portraits have earned him much recognition in his hometown. His distinctive personal style emanates creativity and charisma, and he expresses his unbreakable spirit and his enduring passion for his work and for the beauty and potential for growth that lie within it. 

For as long as he can remember, Tarrick has been developing his art and acquiring new skills. At a young age, he realized he had an innate ability to connect with the subjects of his work, learning them – their story, their emotions, their background, and even their unique personalities – and then translating that understanding of who they are or were into intricate details on a canvas.

“My customers are as much a part of the creation process as the tools that I use. I take them along with me for the whole ride.”

- Tarrick C. Brown
Tarrick's Story

The Journey Continues

Tarrick has always maintained that, if you can really see it, then you can truly create it. It didn’t take long for others to notice his talent and the attention to detail in his work, so in 2017, when Tarrick was first commissioned to create a custom portrait, he could feel that it would be the beginning of a new chapter in his life. And it was.

Today, Tarrick has burgeoned into a well-recognized, refined, and ever-improving artist. On a weekly basis, he receives requests for family or individual portraits from people who are in search of birthday gifts, wedding or anniversary presents, or keepsakes in memory of lost loved ones. That is why every commissioned art piece is created, not just with tangible tools like graphite and charcoal pencils, but with deep sentiment and love, a fact that Tarrick has made it his mission to maintain. As he puts it, with great humility, “I want to touch people’s lives with my creativity.”

Have some ideas that you would like to turn into a commissioned art piece that you can treasure for a lifetime?